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Earn More Revenue & Customers for FREE with TemplateMonster Web Studios Catalogue

Is it possible to drive crowds of customers to your web projects with no investment? Surely yes! TemplateMonster knows how tough the competition on the modern web has become. In an attempt to give freelancers, web developers and web design studios an opportunity to broaden their client base and grow income, they have launched Web Design Studios Catalogue.

TemplateMonster has been in the web design industry for more than 14 years already. For such a long period of time, they have learnt the demands of the markets and the web users. They have faced a number of obstacles on their way to success. Now, being one of the leading IT companies in the world, they are ready to give a chance to other creative professionals find new opportunities of the personal and professional growth.
TemplateMonster boasts a huge inventory of pre-designed themes suited for any purpose one can think of. Their themes are compatible with all CMSs and eCommerce platforms that are available on the contemporary web. All themes are designed and developed as per the latest web requirements. The company’s inventory has been recently expanded with extensions to broaden the functionality of pre-designed themes. Additionally, the number of projects targeting end-users and professional webmasters keeps on growing all the time. About some of such latest releases we are going to talk in this publication.

How Can Freelancers and Web Design Studios Grow Revenue with No Investment

TemplateMonster Web Studios Catalogue is a chart of freelancers and web design studios that have proven their high level of expertise of working with the company’s pre-designed themes. In order to get on the list, one needs to receive a certificate from TemplateMonster. The latter is given out by TemplateMonster Certification Center, which includes educational courses for beginners and a quiz for pros. Everyone who passed the quiz successfully gets on the Web Design Studios Catalogue.

The Catalogue is a chart of all expert web designers and web developers who know how to work with WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Magento, MotoCMS, and other themes from TemplateMonster’s gallery. The Catalogue is accessible to every user looking for a third-party agency that can provide him with the required web services. Being listed on the partners chart makes each web design agency look more reputable in the eyes of the web audience. Being listed in one catalogue with the top industry experts makes freelancers look more reliable and trustworthy. This also increases their chances of attaining a steady flow of theme customization requests.
The Catalogue features advanced filters, with the help of which a user can run search based on the studios’ location and CMSs they work with. This grows the chances that a person will come up with a solution that meets a person’s requirements perfectly and in the shortest period of time. It often happens so that the users look for web design agencies that are placed in their location or somewhere nearby. Whenever one looks for an agency that works with WordPress or Joomla, he can come up with the entire selection of studios that match his search intentions with a few clicks only.

Each agency also has a separate profile page. With its help, they can better introduce their business to the audience. A profile page includes detailed information about a studio’s story of establishment, a list of projects they have launched, contact details, and more. There is also a separate field where TemplateMonster leaves review about a freelancer/web design studio. Clients can also leave their opinion about the services they were provided with. Whenever a user decides to get in touch with the agency, there is an integrated request form available at the bottom of the profile page.

Benefits That Freelancers and Web Design Studios Can Draw from being Listed on the Catalogue

Being mentioned on the list of TemplateMonster’s reliable partners means that no matter what agency a person chooses, he will be provided with the most qualified help possible. Thus, being listed on the Catalogue makes a person/agency more findable by the target audience. It also grows the chances of boosting customer base with new clients and receive a steady flow of income. The more satisfied customers leave a positive effect about the services that a freelancer/agency provided, the higher they will rank in the chart, which means that more people will come to you.
The Web Design Studios Catalogue ensures a steady flow of leads absolutely free of charge.
Being listed on one chart with other expert web designers and web developers makes web design studios look more reputable and trustworthy.
Whenever a person decides to order a theme customization form a web design agency, TemplateMonster will not file any charges. All services that the theme’s provider offers are available for free.
And finally, everyone who gets on the TemplateMonster’s Catalogue automatically receives an opportunity to use all tools and services provided by TemplateMonster Partner Program. This is the place where one can find free showcases of websites templates (which can be further added to blogs/sites), pre-designed banners and free widgets for the partners’ sites, as well as an opportunity to build a themes shop. All these and a whole lot of other affiliate tools are available for free use.
Wrapping it up, we can assume that TemplateMonster Web Design Studios Catalogue is a highly beneficial project for both end-users and professional webmasters. The Catalogue is a place where users can get qualified customization of the chosen website template. Web design studios, in their turn, can become more findable and look more reputable. The Catalogue ensures a steady flow of income and clients, which is so important for freelancers and web design agencies.
The advantages that the Catalogue provides limitless. So, if you are interested in making use of all the aforementioned benefits for free, do not hesitate to pass the quiz and confirm your skills to work with ready-made themes.
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