Best Free And Premium jQuery Timeline Plugins

When you think of a timeline, you will likely think of Facebook and the introduction of “Timeline” to the wall of their social network.  A timeline is a simply way to display a list of occasions or events in chronological order.

With many of the jQuery Timeline Plugins and Scripts listed here, you can easily add beautiful, interactive timelines to your web project. Among the many uses, a thoughtfully placed timeline can be a great way for a business to present their history, their development in number of employees, strategic client wins etc.

With this collection I will show you some of the best, most useful jQuery Timeline Plugins and Scripts for creating powerful interactive timelines.

Melon HTML5 – jQuery Timeline Plugin

Melon HTML 5 jQuery Timeline

Melon jQuery Timeline allows you to easily setup a Facebook like timeline on your website. It comes with 4 different timeline element types (blog post, mini gallery, slider and embedded iframe), each element type has its own unique feature and plenty of customizable options, which should suit all your needs. Timeline also comes with 3 pre-designed themes, and you can also create your own theme in a second. A full CSS3 lightbox is also included with the option to be turned on/off. Timeline can be displayed in multiple columns or just one single column.

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Tweet Feed | Twitter  jQuery Timeline Plugin

Tweet Feed | Twitter  jQuery Timeline Plugin

Tweet Feed is a jQuery Timeline Plugin is a fantastic WordPress widget for displaying a Twitter Timeline in real time.

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Content Timeline – jQuery Timeline Plugin

Content Timeline - jQuery Timeline Plugin

Content Timeline is a powerful and lightweight responsive jQuery/HTML5/CSS3 plugin, best for displaying any organized content. It is fully customizable, and easily implementable with any JavaScript, video, flash etc. Well structured code, and wide ranged API functions make it simple to get started with this powerful jQuery Timeline Plugin.

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jQuery Timeline Slider

jQuery Timeline Slider

Timeline Slider is the definitive jQuery Timeline Plugin to build your history timelines. Its main configuration can easily be customized due to its compact configuration parameters, directly from the html file.  Also more configurations can be edited through the css style sheet file.  It comes with 2 skins, Dark, and Light, to make easy the integration into your web project.

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jQuery Timeline Plugin with Configurator

jQuery Timeline Slider

Timeline with configurator is a jQuery Timeline plugin that helps you to show your lifetime, job experience or any other activity graphically in a really modern interactive way. With its built in configurator you can easily add,change and customize the timeline without any programming skills.

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Easy WordPress Timelines

Easy WordPress jQuery Timelines

Easy WordPress Timelines is a WordPress jQuery Timeline plugin that creates nice timelines and sliders from posts categories. The plugin comes with a nice settings page that helps you define default parameters. To insert a timeline, simply insert a shortcode with your custom parameters and boom! The timeline appears!

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Responsive jQuery Timeline

Responsive jQuery Timeline

This Responsive jQuery Timeline script allows you to easily display a list of posts in a beautiful fashion. It is done with a Facebook style layout (vertical) and is totally responsive, so it fits in nicely with any of your designs!

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Social jQuery Timeline Plugin

Social jQuery Timeline

This Social jQuery Timeline plugin lets you retrieve status, post, videos, and images from different social networks in a timeline format from the newest to the oldest.

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Touch jQuery Timeline Plugin

jQuery Timeline Slider

Touch jQuery Timeline Plugin is a really simple script that will take clean and semantic HTML code and turn it into an elegant and beautiful timeline/content slider. And because the script the script is very optimized for touchscreen devices, your visitors will get even better experience when viewing your site in an iPad for example. Additionally, the interface was designed with compatibility in mind. It has been designed to be very neutral to make sure it doesn’t conflict with the rest of the site’s design, visually. And you can always open the CSS and customize the looks!

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jQuery XML Timeline Plugin

XML jQuery Timeline Plugin

TimelineXML  jQuery Plugin is the perfect addition to your blog, magazine, news site, portfolio, you name it. The script takes time-stamped pieces of content and puts them on a timeline. The best thing about Timeline XML is how flexible it is.

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Timeliner | jQuery Timeline Slider

Timeliner | jQuery Timeline Slider

Timeliner  jQuery Timeline Slider is a jQuery plugin that enables you to easily create slideshow presentations showing the progress in an animating timeline. The slides can contain any content and can be skipped and paused. Including the plugin on your page will turn an unordered list into a slideshow with the list items as slides. Then style it by CSS , with or without images, and customize the behavior using the plugin options. Full documentation and examples are included.