40 Best eCommerce WordPress Themes

So, you are going shopping to find the ideal WordPress theme for your online business. Well, you are going to find lots of shops and marketplaces with lots of WordPress themes for online business. The number is so baffling that you can easily find yourself in a fix as to what to select and what to neglect. All the themes claim to have the best of features and in case you are looking for a premium theme, you can get more confused.

This can be avoided if you take into account the kind of store and stuff you will be selling. If you are sure about this factor, you can make the most of the variety on offer. WordPress is a great content management system and has made superb strides in the field of eCommerce as well. You can easily operate it and your customers will also find it smooth and friendly. So, here is a collection of 40 eCommerce themes that can serve different niches such as clothes, digital products, sports bikes, musical merchandize, etc. Take a look and find out the perfect pick for yourself. The gallery certainly holds the key to success.

1. MagXP

MagXP is in the list of 40 best ecommerce wordpress themes
MagXP is a multipurpose theme that you can easily mold into an online store. This customizable and cool theme comes with 4 homepage layouts, user friendly interface and huge number of features. It will easily help you set up the store of your dreams and also ensure good number of footfalls.

2. WillowPillow

WillowPillow is a niche eCommerce theme that is perfect for furniture stores and shops dealing with interior designing items. It has been created to increase your online sales and comes with all the requisite features that are needed to impress customers and get into their good books.

3. Immunity

Aligned with WooCommerce, Custom Widgets, ShortCodes and tons of features; Immunity is an amazing theme that is completely responsive and loads nicely on all viewing devices. With it, you can set up a fantastic store in minutes and get going without any problem.

4. Honey

Honey, like its name, is very sweet and carries the capability to attract customers in huge numbers. This responsive multipurpose theme with Slider Revolution, IsoTope Commercial Script and lots of other amazing attributes is a treat for all those who want to set up a modern and efficient eCommerce store. Your money would find the best investment in this template.

5. Herringbone

Here is Heringbone- a cool and competent WooCommerce theme that has been built on Bootstrap and makes the best use of contemporary technology. The theme is fully responsive and retina ready. With it, your online store will be ready in minutes and you will find a firm foothold in this competitive niche.

6. Storefront

Now invite your customers on an interactive and engaging eCommerce platform. StoreFront is a simple, clear and customizable theme which has been designed to bring you quick success. The theme is very easy to use and its slideshows, tabs, parallax backgrounds are really irresistible.

7. Restaurant

Restaurant is a responsive WooCommerce theme that will help you reach out to maximum number of people and create a credible brand name for yourself. The theme is responsive, retina-ready, HTML5/CSS3 ready and all those things that create a complete and classic template. You have to check it out.

9. Locations

Locations is a beautiful child theme for business directories. It helps you set up a directory shop and monetize it as well through the various pricing packages and features. The template is indeed deserving to run your shop and thus, a must-have.

10. BigShop

BigShop is a fresh WooCommerce responsive WordPress theme that suits all types of shops especially Mobile Shop, Computer Store, Hightech Store, Gift Shop, Electronics shop and all kinds of marketplace business. The theme is well designed and contains all the modern features to run an impressive eCommerce site. You will like it a great deal.

11. Jumbo

Carrying WooCommerce, Jumbo is a bold and strong eCommerce theme that has been designed for the sexy and confident brand requiring an online presence. It is very engaging and turns your visitors into regular customers after the very first visit. The theme is a must-have and you should definitely take its demo.

12. GrandBoutique

GrandBoutique is a powerful and pleasing shop theme that comes with unique design, super flexible layout and fully responsive outlay. It offers you lots of options to change the layout(Boxed, Wide & SuperWide), style, colors and fonts. The template is a great choice and will give you groovy results in no time.

13. FrontPage

FrontPage is a WooCommerce-ready and fully responsive WordPress theme from MyThemeShop that is a powerhouse of features. It will set up your store in seconds and will also help it stand apart from the crowd. So, get it at once and you are good to go.

14. Suit

Suit is an engaging WordPress eCommerce theme based on WooCommerce plugin.  It is suitable for suits, clothes, menswear, women and fashion designer related online stores.

15. Trolley

Trolley is trendy and terrific. This professional eCommerce WordPress theme comes with a clean design and helps you showcase your products in an attractive and intuitive manner. The theme is very up-to-date and ensures best results in very less time. You will have a great time with it.

16. Boxie

Boxie emphasizes on colors to attract eyeballs. This WooCommerce theme comes with beautiful design, lovely layouts and several useful page templates. It will take you to great heights and give you a great head start on all screen sizes and resolutions.

17. Delirium

Loaded with elegant design, fully compatible and competent eCommerce plugin WooCommerce, Delirium is a great eCommerce theme. It is responsive, easy-to-customize, retina-ready and lots more. Just get it installed and you are ready to rock the show.

18. Store

Store is a superb eCommerce WordPress theme that your customers will also love. It is hugely customizable and suits online stores of all sizes. The theme is so dynamic that you can start selling your merchandize within minutes of installing the template.

19. Piazza

This is an eCommerce theme with white and minimal layout. Piazza ensures a grand entry for you into the online industry of fashion and accessories. It is very clean, highly-customizable and loaded with all the amazing features you require in order to make a compelling pitch for your site. The theme is a fantastic formula and will give you perfect solution in time.

20. Mega Shop

Mega Shop is a WooCommerce enabled theme that has been specially designed for electronics, home accessories, computers fashion, blogs and various other types of stores. The template is loaded with all the contemporary features one needs in the current times to become successful.

21. Shop

If you want to create a beautiful and brilliant store then Shop is the right choice. It is integrated with the popular and free WooCommerce and carries all other contemporary features you need to become the show stopper. The template certainly deserves to be at your backend.

22. New-Commerce

New-Commerce is a fresh and feature-rich WordPress theme that utilizes the powerful WooCommerce plugin. It is very powerful and can create a versatile shop in minutes. The theme is responsive and completely clean so that your site looks good and is accessible from all viewing devices.

23. City Guide

City Guide is a directory theme that you can use to set up an online business site that deals in informative content. The theme has all the features needed to attract submitters and visitors. With it, you can easily start your business and start earning profits.

24. Shopper

Shopper is a superb WooCommerce WordPress theme that is fit for all types of online stores. It is a great solution for all those who want to build a strong and sexy store. The template is very effective and will keep you stay afloat in the cut-throat competition.

25. StoreBox

StoreBox is the ultimate eCommerce theme that is very easy-to-use and stylish. The theme is also aligned with WooCommerce plugin which makes your work all the more smooth. Just take the demo and you will find out for yourself.

26. Bistro Store

Bistro Store is a power-packed and pleasing WordPress eCommerce theme that comes with a responsive design and many more fantastic features. It is also WooCommerce ready and in tune with HTML5/CSS3 and Bootstrap 3.1

27. Papirus

Papirus is a modern, professional and extremely customizable WordPress theme. It is powered by lots of useful and engaging features. The theme is perfect for online retailer, company or portfolio website. You must go for it.

28. Repose

Repose is a flexible, multi-format WordPress theme that is also WooCommerce ready. It will give your shop best display and functionality which is bound to result in better customer retention. What is more, the theme is super easy to operate and you can customize it in any style you want.

29. Ecommerce theme

Ecommerce theme is the epitome of minimalism and powerful functionality. It is WooCommerce ready and gets going seconds after getting installed. Since the theme also comes with a mobile friendly design, your shop can be accessed from all devices and thus, gain maximum audience base.

30. Wardrobe

Wardrobe is a great theme for setting up an online store that deals in clothes, apparels and the like. Loaded with simplified design, clean graphics and good use of color; the theme is very user friendly and catches instant attention of visitors. It keeps all the focus on your products and brings you best returns.

31. GoodLiness

GoodLiness is a neat, super-duper customizable, flexible and fully responsive theme. It has been built with HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap 3. The theme will serve your eCommerce store to the hilt and give you great results in terms of money as well as credibility.

32. Bike Store

Bike Store is a smart and strong theme that lets you create your sports store in minutes. The theme is very easy-to-use and free flowing. It can be easily paginated to show several products without taking up half the screen. The template is certainly a must-have for all those who operate in this niche.

33. Opulence

Opulence is for fashion stores that want top of the line design, functionality and features. This responsive theme is loaded with a slick product slider, soft images transition and a customizable mega menu. You will find it perfectly fitting for your fashion store.

34. Loft

Loft can lift up your sales and search engine ranking way beyond your imagination. The theme has been drafted to give best user experience to you as well as your audience. It has been optimized for customer conversions and thus, delivers dashing results in very less time.

35. iShopp

iShopp is a WooCommerce enabled responsive WordPress theme that can fit any eCommerce shop. Its clean design, minimal layout and other compatible features are very much in sync with the modern trends and WordPress practices. You can blindly trust on it.

36. Apparel

Apparel is a WooCommerce template that serves apparel and fashion designer clothes stores but if you want you can also customize it to build other types of stores and sites. The theme is fitted with all the advanced features and does not lack in any department.

37. ActiveWear

ActiveWear is a WooCommerce ready, responsive WordPress theme with Unlimited Sidebar, loads of custom widgets, Google Maps Integration and Multi widget (included 15 widget). It is very happening and was created recently which means you will get best service and complete value for money.

38. Keronchong

Keronchong is a special eCommerce theme that has been designed to serve bands and musicians. It lets you sell your musical merchandize and get the best deal. The theme is very effective and if you belong to this niche, it is a must-check.

39. Vizio

Vizio is an amazing eCommerce theme that is very versatile and powerful. It features tons of functions as well as customization options that give you great service and place all the control in your hands.

40. Clock

Clock is a WooCommerce WordPress theme that makes browsing a super smooth experience for your shoppers. It comes with crisp typography, great contrast and makes your content super easy to read. The template possesses the ability to make your shop the best in the cyberspace.