3 WordPress Theme Development Tips

For the last few months I have been working on a theme I will be releasing to the WordPress community for free. In the process of doing this I have learned a lot and I wanted to take some time to share those things with you. I have learned a lot more than three things from this whole building process but I wanted to share the three most important things I have learned. Before I get into the tips I want to share what I’m using to build this theme.

I am using Underscore as the base for my theme framework. I use this framework because a lot of the contributors to WordPress core development are also contributors to this theme framework. I feel the most comfortable with it and it’s a perfect blank slate for me to start my themes with. The next thing I use is Unsemantic css framework. I prefer it because it’s simple and I find the push and pull extremely helpful when developing for responsive sites. The last thing I use is the Options Framework Plugin except I don’t use it as a plugin, I attach it to the theme directly. As Isaac Newton once said, “If I’ve seen farther than others it’s because I’ve stood on the shoulders of giants.” These amazing people have done a great job to help theme developers and I hope you can benefit from using these materials as well.

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