126 Awesome Android Tablet Apps

Welcome to our brand spankin’ new Android tablet apps listing. If you’ve ever been here before, you’ll notice that things look a lot different. We’ve gutted and remodeled our apps listing from top to bottom to give you the best tablet apps for Android no matter what you’re looking for. The list below is comprehensive, and links back to the Google Play Store, which is the best place to download apps. Right now we have north of a hundred different apps and seven different categories, but we still have a lot of work to do. So does Google, honestly, because Android tablet apps still don’t look nearly as good, on the whole, as iPad apps, and that’s not an opinion; it’s a fact.

Let us know what you think and leave a comment if you have something nice to say or have some constructive feedback. We’ll add new apps on a regular basis, so this list isn’t set in stone.

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If you’re looking for apps to use in your leisure time, you’ve come to the right place. Entertainment is one of our largest categories, covering everything from movies to games to sports games. If you sit and listen, read, or watch it, you’ll find it here.

Movies and TV


Google Play


With a constantly changing library of thousands of TV shows, movies, and exclusive content that you can stream direct to your tablet, Netflix offers a whole lot of entertainment for $8 a month.


Google Play


Satisfy the film-buff inside with this virtual encyclopedia of movie facts, actor biographies, and fascinating trivia. Millions of people rate regularly and chat about their favorite movies at IMDb.


Google Play


It won’t cost you a cent to stream movies and TV shows from Crackle. All of the content is completely free. You won’t find the latest blockbusters, but there are some gems tucked away in here.


Moon+ Reader

Moon+_Reader_Android_tablet_app_screenshotLoad up your ebook collection and enjoy it in this fully customizable reader which lets you define your preferred aesthetic and even tweak gestures and keys. It supports every format under the sun.


Kindle_Android_tablet_app_screenshotFrom the classics of yesteryear to contemporary bestsellers you’ll find over a million books to browse through in here. There are also magazines, newspapers, and a built-in dictionary to try.


Nook_Android_tablet_app_screenshotBarnes & Noble offers more than 2.5 million books through this app and 1 million of them are free. You can also enjoy free trials and subscribe to all the top newspapers, magazines, and comics.


DC Comics

DC_Comics_Android_tablet_app_screenshotFans of Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, or the rest of DC’s line-up won’t want to miss this. There are 80 titles published monthly and well over 1,000 comics and graphic novels every year.

Marvel Comics

Marvel_Comics_Android_tablet_app_screenshotIf Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, X-Men, The Hulk, or any of the Marvel superheroes float your boat then opt for this app. There are more than 3,500 comics on offer, including a few freebies.

Perfect Viewer

Perfect_Viewer_Android_tablet_app_screenshotThis is a free, fully-customizable comic reader app that you can use to organize and read your existing collection. It supports most DRM-free formats, including PDF via a plug-in.



Flipboard_Android_tablet_app_screenshotFilter out the noise and hone in on the news that interests you most with this beautifully animated personalized magazine. Pull in social media posts and online articles from your favorite sources.

News 360

News_360_Android_tablet_app_screenshotA nice clean layout offers a window onto the world of news, pulled in from a wide variety of top sources online. Choose your favorite topics (there are thousands) and it learns what you like.

USA Today

USA_Today_Android_tablet_app_screenshotYou’ll find all the news headlines from politics to sport, tech to travel, and everything else right here. Push notifications for breaking headlines are optional and you can save articles offline.

Radio and Podcasts

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn_Radio_Android_tablet_app_screenshotThere’s no better radio and podcast app than this. Music, sports, talk, news, and more can be found with over 100,000 worldwide radio stations to choose from and more than 2 million podcasts.


Stitcher_Android_tablet_app_screenshotIf you’re not sure what you’re looking for, then let Stitcher choose based on your interests. This app will stitch together all your favorite radio and talk shows together in a playlist of your choosing.

Internet Radio

Internet_radio_Android_tablet_app_screenshotIt’s not designed for tablets, but it’s a good option if you just want to select from a wide variety of popular, free radio stations from across the world. You can use it to record tracks as well.


Poweramp ($4)

Poweramp_Android_tablet_app_screenshotEvery feature you could want in a music player is packed in here. There’s support for all sorts of formats, a 10 band graphic equalizer, crossfade support, and a lot more. It costs $4 after the trial.


SoundHound_Android_tablet_app_screenshotThis app can recognize any tune, even if you hum it yourself, which could prove invaluable for identifying that melody that won’t go away. You can play songs in Rdio, Spotify, or YouTube.


Rdio_Android_tablet_app_screenshotMore than 20 million tracks to play or you can enlist this app to serve up music you’ll like by selecting tracks, artists, or genres. Favorites can be synced for offline listening. Monthly price is $10.



Badland_Android_tablet_app_screenshotVisually stunning and powerfully addictive, this atmospheric gem deserves a space on every Android tablet. There’s even a multiplayer mode in this physics-based platform puzzler for group fun.

Dumb Ways to Die

Dumb_Ways_to_Die_Android_tablet_app_screenshotSilly, free, fun for the whole family; the challenge is to save a collection of ignorant cartoon characters from unnecessary stupid deaths. It has a seriously catchy theme song too.

Dead Trigger 2

Dead_Trigger_2_Android_tablet_app_screenshotCan you survive the inevitable undead uprising, yet again? Slaughter zombies using over 30 different weapons across 15 different environments in this visually impressive apocalyptic bloodbath.

Pro Sports

Sports Republic

Sports_Republic_Android_tablet_app_screenshotGet all the latest news and scores from the sports you love with this aggregated one-stop-shop for the world of sports. You can personalize the selection and get articles, photos, and video content.

Thuuz Sports

Thuuz_Sports_Android_tablet_app_screenshotYou can find the latest scores and news about the sports you love in this accessible app that’s legitimately optimized for Android tablets (a rarity). You can even watch video highlights of games.

CBS Sports

CBS_Sports_Android_tablet_app_screenshotFull scorecards and real-time stats for football, baseball, basketball, soccer, golf, and a whole lot more can be found in this organized package. It can pull video, radio, news, and social media.

College Sports

College Football SC

College_Football_Scorecard_Android_tablet_app_screenshotGet up-to-the-minute scores and schedules covering all the major football conferences in the NCAA. It also has all the big news stories, and it’s easy to find what you want thanks to a solid layout.

Are You Watching This?

Are_You_Watching_This_Android_tablet_app_screenshotA scoreboard, TV schedule, videos, and news covering all your favorite sports make this a must download. It covers college football, hockey, and basketball, making it a good choice for any sports fan.

iScore Baseball ($10)


You can see scores for any baseball or softball game in real-time, as long as its broadcast live online. This tracking app aggregates everything you need to better enjoy college ball games.

Work and Organizing

When you’re done relaxing and having fun, it’s likely because you need to get stuff done. This is the category for you. We’ve got good apps for managing your email, cloud storage, calendar, task lists, and many other things. If you need it for work, it’s here.



Boomerang_Android_tablet_app_screenshotIt only works with Gmail accounts, but this app is packed with useful features. You can schedule emails, snooze them, and track responses, so you know when you’re waiting for a reply.

K-9 Mail

K-9_Mail_Android_tablet_app_screenshotFully customizable and packed with every setting you could want in an email app, this is a great solution for keeping an eye on multiple email accounts inside one, combined, unified inbox.


Outlook.com_Android_tablet_app_screenshotMicrosoft’s app is your best bet if you want to grab email from your Microsoft account. It’s clean, almost elegant, and straight to the point. It supports notifications, conversation threading, and more.




If it’s not preinstalled on your tablet then seek it out, because Chrome is the best browser around. Fast, reliable, and efficient, it offers easy tab and bookmark sharing using your Google account.


Firefox_Android_tablet_app_screenshotReliable, robust, and speedy, Firefox is a great browser. It covers bookmarks, tabs, visual history, private browsing, and everything else you need. There are also lots of security add-ons.



All the basics are handled well by Dolphin, but the extras in the shape of customizable gestures, voice controls, and sharing features really suck you in. It’s an innovative and unique browser.

Word and Spreadsheets

Kingsoft Office

Kingsoft_Office_Android_tablet_app_screenshotYou can find a good word processor without having to spend anything. Kingsoft is packed with features and it supports all kinds of files including Word documents, spreadsheets, and PDFs.

OfficeSuite 7

OfficeSuite_7_Android_tablet_app_screenshotIf you’re looking for a free way to view Microsoft Word, spreadsheet, PowerPoint, or PDF files then this is a good choice, but the editing features aren’t good enough to justify paying the $5 cost.

Smart Office 2 ($10)


This app can handle all of your Microsoft Office documents. You can view, edit, print, export, and share Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files. It also handles PDFs and images in various formats.

Cloud Storage

Google Drive

Google_Drive_Android_tablet_app_screenshotYou can fit a whole lot of files into your free 15GB courtesy of Google. It is easy to use, it offers a quick way to share files across your devices, and it integrates seamlessly with Android.


Dropbox_Android_tablet_app_screenshotAs one of the earliest, best cloud solutions around, Dropbox is available for virtually every platform, and it offers fast and efficient file sharing and storage. You can also auto-upload photos.


SpiderOak_Android_tablet_app_screenshotIf user privacy is important, snag your free 2GB of storage at SpiderOak. The app is basic, though it’s improving gradually, but the service is excellent, making it easy to backup and share files.

Money Management


Mint_Android_tablet_app_screenshotCreate budgets, track your cash spending, and see your checking, savings, and credit cards all in one place. Alerts will warn you about unusual activity, or bills. Mint is the best way to manage money.

My Budget Book

My_Budget_Book_Android_tablet_app_screenshotTake a really close look at your income and all your outgoings so you can budget effectively and save for the things you want. This app makes it simple to set good, realistic goals and limits.


Financius_Android_tablet_app_screenshotWith this app, you can log all of your expenses in the relevant categories, thus solving the mystery of your vanishing money. It will reveal exactly where you’re spending everything at a glance.

Task Management


Wunderlist_Android_tablet_app_screenshotHere’s an easy system to add items and generate a to-do list. Extra features include the ability to set reminders, subtasks, notes, and add files. A winner on tablets thanks to the single page view.


Todoist_Android_tablet_app_screenshotThe simple look is tempting, but the real attraction here is cross-platform support for all of your tasks and projects. The layout is made for your tablet and there are enough features for power users.

Tasks N Todos

Tasks_N_Todos_Android_tablet_app_screenshotIt’s not the most stylish-looking app in the world, but Tasks N Todos is accessible, lets you manage multiple lists, and you can directly pull in task list details from your Google account.


Google Calendar

Google_Calendar_Android_tablet_app_screenshotIf you want to sync your calendars and pull in dates and appointments from your Google account, then this is the simplest way to do it. It handles basic functions and has a solid layout.

DigiCal Calendar

DigiCal_Calendar_Android_tablet_app_screenshotThere’s enough functionality here to drill down and get the style and overview you want, but it doesn’t overcomplicate things. The choice of widgets and built-in weather forecasts is very handy.

Business Calendar

Business_Calendar_Android_tablet_app_screenshotSync all your Google calendars into one fully customizable overview. There are various widget options, color-coding, and support for recurring events. The $5 pro version offers many extras.

Note Taking


Evernote_Android_tablet_app_screenshotThis is one of the best note-taking apps around and it’s great for making lists. You can create versatile notes and reminders with text, audio, annotated images, and links. It’s available everywhere.


Springpad_Android_tablet_app_screenshotMake notebooks on topics that interest you, from movies and wine, to travel or recipes, and you can use this app to organize them and share them. It also handles to-do’s and reminders.


ColorNote_Android_tablet_app_screenshotHere’s a really accessible, simple, and straightforward notepad app with a list option for shopping or tasks. You can also set reminders and get a calendar view to keep your affairs in order.

Security and Utilities

Properly securing and protecting your new Android tablet is becoming more important every day. These apps will help your stuff safe, track down your tablet if you lose it, and we’ve included an assortment of basic utilities — or small things like flashlights that you just want your tablet to do.

Secure Your Tablet


AVG_Android_tablet_app_screenshotHere’s a popular, free desktop anti-virus brand in a special version for tablets. You’ll find real-time scanning, anti-theft tools, safe browsing, performance and privacy advice, and lots more.


Avast_Android_tablet_app_screenshotIt scans all your apps and files, including SMS or email attachments, and flags malware. Extra include app-locking, backups, remote locate and control, privacy advice, and the list goes on.


Lookout_Android_tablet_app_screenshotAnti-virus and malware protection, backup support, and a device locator make up the free version of this effective app. It occasionally forces portrait view, but otherwise it’s good for tablet security.

Track Your Tablet

Android DM

Android_Device_Manager_Android_tablet_app_screenshotThis Google app tracks your lost or stolen device and pinpoints the precise location on Google Maps, assuming it can be tracked. You can also reset your PIN remotely and erase your data.

Avast Anti-Theft


If you don’t want the anti-virus portion of Avast’s security app then you can just install this tool. It can locate your tablet, remote lock or wipe it, play an alarm or take a photo, and has a stealth mode.

Prey Anti Theft

Prey_Anti_Theft_Android_tablet_app_screenshotOpen source and completely free, Prey is a solid option for locating and tracking your missing tablet. You can also remotely lock, trigger an alarm, display specific text, and take pictures.

Home Screen Launchers

Apex Launcher

Apex_Launcher_Android_tablet_app_screenshotResize your icons, hide unwanted elements, create a scrolling dock, and choose transition effects. That’s just the tip of the iceberg with Apex, which empowers you to achieve the style you’re craving.

Nova Launcher

Nova_Launcher_Android_tablet_app_screenshotStriking a great balance between speed and customization, there really isn’t very much about the aesthetic of your home screen that you can’t tweak with the comprehensive Nova launcher.

Espier Launcher 7

Espier_Launcher_7_HD_Android_tablet_app_screenshotMake your Android tablet’s home screen look just like an iPad with this awesome launcher. The bright iOS 7 icon style and the animation transitions are all there, with plenty of customization options, too.


Fancy Widgets

Fancy_Widgets_Android_tablet_app_screenshotCustomize your clock and weather widget to get the exact look you want, or download a new one from the many options available in the built-in Fancy Widgets marketplace, which is plentiful.

Buzz Widget

Buzz_Widget_Android_tablet_app_screenshotYou’ll need Buzz Launcher to get access to the full range of community-created widgets, but there are a few good options in the basic app, and a powerful editor enables you to tweak them.

Zooper Widget

Zooper_Widget_Android_tablet_app_screenshotA few examples give you starting points and the in-depth editing options allow you to customize every aspect of your widget. The depth of this app is fantastic, especially considering it’s free.

Basic Utilities

Beautiful Timer

Beautiful_Timer_Android_tablet_app_screenshotThis app is a simple, but stunning, countdown timer. You can even set two timers at once. They’ll sound an alarm at the end and they stick in the notifications shade when you close the app.



Concise in functionality and design, this is the only calculator app you’ll ever need on your Android tablet. Basic and advanced math options are covered and you can configure it to suit your needs.


Flib_Android_tablet_app_screenshotThis is unit conversion made beautiful with a minimalist design aesthetic in a color of your choice, and pretty animations. It covers angle, area, pressure, energy, mass, and a whole lot more.


Premium Wallpapers

Premium_Wallpapers_HD_Android_tablet_app_screenshotThere are more than 13,000 categorized wallpapers in this app and it’s growing all the time. You can see the top rated and most popular options. Tap the HD symbol to download HD versions.

PicSpeed HD

PicSpeed_HD_Wallpapers_Android_tablet_app_screenshotAn astounding choice of more than 1.5 million wallpapers divided into many categories, with a search function, virtually guarantees you’ll find something to make you smile with PicSpeed.

Backgrounds HD


You’ll find more than 5,000 hand-picked wallpapers in here organized into a number of categories. The simple interface makes browsing a pleasure and image quality is generally very high.

Benchmarking Apps

Geekbench 3 ($1)

Geekbench_3_Android_tablet_app_screenshotThis cross-platform benchmark allows you to compare your Android tablet with various other devices and see how it performs in simulated scenarios that push the processor to its limits.

Vellamo Mobile


This set of benchmarks covers navigation, 3D graphics, video performance, Web browser performance, and more in a series of tests to assess your device. It only works in portrait view.


Quadrant_Standard_Edition_Android_tablet_app_screenshotCovering CPU, I/O and 3D graphics, this benchmark is very easy to install and run, and it gives you a comparison chart at the end so you can see how your tablet measures up to others.

What’s Around Town

Whether you’re eating at home or going out to do something fun, this is the place to find everything local. We’ve got a hodgepodge of different apps to help you have a good time around town, and a few to help around the house.

Dining In

Food Network


Packed with recipes from your favorite Food Network chefs, this app is constantly growing. You’ll find easy to follow instructions and photos to keep you on track, and you can search by ingredients.

Food Planner


Create a central repository for all of your recipes and use it to plan your weekly meals and create your grocery shopping list. You can even sync this app with friends or family that have an iPhone.



You can search more than 250,000 reviewed recipes, and filter your results various ways with this app. Create and share menus, look for recipes based on the ingredients you have, and more.

Restaurants and Bars



It’s always smart to book ahead when you’re dining out and you can do it for free with this app. It also lets you search for what’s close by with lots of filters and reviews to help you find the perfect place.



Get a look at delectable dishes near you and stoke that appetite. Find out what friends, experts, and others rate as the best establishments and dishes to order, and rate your own meals.



Find restaurants near you, peruse the menu before you book, and get directions. You can also read what others thought, look at photos of the best dishes, and write and submit your own reviews.

Things To Do



If you’re looking for a memorable night you’ll find the hottest, expertly curated events in London, New York, and San Francisco listed here. Book from the app and earn rewards for inviting friends.



You can find all sorts of interesting places and things to do, but the ability to keep up with your friends and join the party is the real attraction of Foursquare. There are some money-saving deals.



Don’t miss out on great local events, get recommendations, check what your friends are going to, and buy your tickets in this app. It’s just a shame it doesn’t support landscape view at all.

Places To Visit



There more than 100 million places listed in this augmented reality browser, so it’s an easy way to find the local sights, events, restaurants, hotels, bars, nightlife, or whatever else you’re seeking.



Whether you’re visiting somewhere on vacation or it’s your home town, you’ll still find some great recommendations for attractions to visit in this app, with detailed reviews and useful tips.



Track down tourist spots, great restaurants and bars, stores, cinemas, and other attractions with this app. You can also use it to find your Facebook friends and see the places they recommend.

Movies and Theater



Who’s that guy? Who directed this movie? When is that out? Is it worth seeing? Whatever you want to know about movies or TV shows you’ll find an answer in the Internet Movie Database.



Check out what’s showing at your local movie theaters, what’s coming soon, watch trailers, read reviews, and book tickets. You can even stream or download movies in the app, if you want.

Movie Showtime


You can find complete listings for all the movie theaters near you with this app and it pulls in ratings from IMDb and Flixster. Search by day, get theater directions, and write your own user reviews.




If you’re looking for something a bit special and unusual then the crowd-curated collection in this app will put a smile on your face. It’s the perfect place to find a memorable gift or treat yourself.



If you can’t find it on eBay then you won’t find it anywhere. The biggest online marketplace around is available as an excellent app that has all the features you need to buy and sell everything.

Amazon for Tablets


Browse millions of products, check up on customer reviews, and find deals in Amazon’s official app for Android tablets. It’s well laid-out, easy to search and filter, and it supports 1-click buying.

Travel and Navigation

If you’re kind of a big deal, own many leather-bound books, and have places to be and foreign countries to visit, these are the apps for you. We’ve got mapping apps, language translating apps, and even some apps that will help you out on a hike.

Maps and Turn-by-Turn

Google Maps

Google_Maps_Android_tablet_app_screenshotIf there’s a better navigation with more accurate maps, voice guided directions, live traffic updates, and detailed data on businesses and places of interest, then please tell us about it! Honestly.



A lively, active community ensures that you have the latest maps and traffic updates. Full voice-guided navigation is supported and the cheapest gas in your area is highlighted for you.

Navigate 6

Navigate_6_Android_tablet_app_screenshotIf you want to use your tablet as a SatNav (yep), then this could be the app for you. You can download maps for offline use, and the navigation includes speed limits and 3D lane guidance.

Traveling Abroad


Hipmunk_Android_tablet_app_screenshotGrab the next plane to anywhere and find a hotel once you get there. All the info you really want is available at-a-glance, so you can balance savings with the “agony” rating for a great trip.



Forward all your travel related plans to TripIt and it will automagically (see what we did there?) organize your itinerary and help you get where you need to be on time for a hassle-free trip.



Wherever you’re headed, this app will help you get a flight there and scope out the land. Accommodation deals are the biggest attraction because Expedia boasts many exclusive discounts.

Language Translating

Google Translate


A barebones interface lets you focus on the translation and more than 70 languages are covered. Input text, speak, take a photo, or write, and you get a text translation, and audio for some languages.


Duolingo_Android_tablet_app_screenshotHere’s a fun way to learn a language before you go on vacation. It’s accessible to the whole family, turns learning into a game, and covers Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Italian.

Conversation Translator

Conversation_Translator_Android_tablet_appIt doesn’t have a stylish look and there are ads, but this free conversational translator allows people to take turns speaking and translates it into text. Handy for talking to foreign folk anywhere.

Public Transit and Taxi


Moovit_Android_tablet_app_screenshotIf you’re traveling by bus, taking a train, or using the subway, you’ll find detailed maps and full schedules here. Real-time updates and a planner with ETAs make it great for navigating on foot.


mytaxi_Android_tablet_app_screenshotThis app covers over 40 major cities and it’s one of the few options remotely optimized for tablets. Order a taxi, see it approach, pay through the app, rate, and save your favorite drivers.

Transit App

Transit_App_Android_tablet_app_screenshotCheck what public transit is available in your immediate area, or search for directions to and from specific addresses and see all of your bus, train, or subway options, with walking directions to stops.

Outdoors Apps



This versatile mapping and navigation app supports many map formats and allows you to mark routes, navigate with a compass, access 3D maps, and download what you need for offline exploration.

RV Parky

RV_Parky_Android_tablet_app_screenshotIf you’ve loaded the RV ready for a road trip, take this app with you to find good RV-friendly parks, camp grounds, rest areas, gas stations, and supplies. You can always find a place to park.

Survival Handbook


There are a few apps based on the Army Survival Manual, but this one works well on tablets with a landscape view supported. It’s full of useful advice for surviving in the great outdoors.

Social and Chat

Talking, communicating, chatting … whatever you call it, if what you want to do involves sharing thoughts with others, these are the apps for you.

Chat and Texting


Hangouts_Android_tablet_app_screenshotGoogle has folded a lot of extra functionality into Hangouts so you can use it for instant messaging, sending SMS or MMS texts, sharing files and locations, and making video calls with up to 10 different friends.

Mighty Text


You can receive and send SMS and MMS on your Android tablet by linking it up with your phone using this app. It also notifies you when a call comes in and it has a photo and video backup option.

LilyPad HD

LilyPad_Android_tablet_app_screenshotIf want to chat while you’re doing something else, this one’s for you. You can hook up your Hangouts, MSN, Facebook Messenger, Yahoo, AIM, or Jabber account and chat in a small, resizable window.

Social Networking


Tweetcaster_Android_tablet_app_screenshotOne of the best Twitter clients around, TweetCaster offers support for multiple accounts, scheduled tweets, notifications, filters, and all kinds of customization options. It can post to Facebook too.


Contacts+_Android_tablet_app_screenshotYou can call, text, and email your contacts from Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Foursquare using this app. It’s a one-stop contact management app that’s optimized for tablets.


Pinterest_Android_tablet_app_screenshotShare images and find inspiration from thousands of picture boards created by others. This app works beautifully on tablets, allowing you to pin photos, comment on images from others, and more.

Internet Calling (VoIP)


Skype_Android_tablet_app_screenshotMillions of people rely on Skype for free voice and video calls across the Internet. It also serves as an instant messenger, and you can buy credit and use it to call landlines and cell phones.


ooVoo_Android_tablet_app_screenshotFree video or voice calls, and text chats, on Wi-Fi, 3G or LTE, make this a great choice. You can have video calls with up to 12 people, the interface looks good, and it works on other platforms.


Viber_Android_tablet_app_screenshotYou can enjoy free calls, messaging, photo, and video sharing with other users. It’s a cross platform app that also works on your desktop, and it supports 3G for low cost calls outside your Viber network.



WordPress_Android_tablet_app_screenshotThe free, open source blogging platform is accessible with this app. It’s a scaled down version of the Web interface, but you can write, edit, and publish, and dip into comments and stats.


Tumblr_Android_tablet_app_screenshotFollow blogs that grab your interest, post whatever you want to share, interact and comment, and keep a record of your activity. You can also save drafts, schedule posts, and handle multiple blogs.



If you use Blogger then this barebones app will let you edit, save, and post on multiple accounts. You can embed images, add labels, and add location data, but it can be a little buggy.

Fitness, Health, Sports

When you’re done watching sports, you could always try playing some. Physical activity is good for you. Trust us. We haven’t moved for days while we compiled this apps list. But hey, if you don’t want to play sports, we’ve also got a few apps to help you eat better, live healthier, and workout more efficiently.

Getting Fit

Fitness Flow ($5)


Start working out now with HD videos of more than 100 different exercises backed up by audio instructions. You can target specific body areas, set your own pace, and record your progress.

Calorie Counter


If you want to count your calories and maintain a healthy weight, this is one way to do it. It’s quick and easy to use and it lists over 3 million different foods. It can also track your exercise.



Use this app to track your sporting activity whatever it may be, from running to lifting weights. You can compete with friends, encourage each other, record routes, and analyze your performance.

Medical Advice



Describe symptoms, check conditions, review and identify drugs, get first aid advice, and find local health services with this handy pocket doctor. Unfortunately there’s no landscape view.



Keep a complete record of family illnesses and treatments, doctor visits and sick days, for your whole family with this handy digital journal. You can see health over time with a handy calendar view.



Here’s a serious reference tool designed for healthcare professionals. It includes a comprehensive drug database with dosing information, and a symptom checker, but tailored suites are expensive.

Sports Players

Coach’s Eye


If you really want to improve in any sport then analyzing your performance is very important. This app can record slow motion video and it’s packed with analysis and annotation tools.

Basketball Coach


Create new tactics annotated on the court and design training regimes that include specific exercises with this no frills coaching app. Use your tablet instead of a blackboard to plan a game.

Golf Pad


Use your tablet as a scorecard to track every shot of your round with this app. It also works as a GPS rangefinder and it can bring up aerial amps of over 30,000 courses around the world.

That’s it for now! Be sure to check back because we’ll revise our top picks, and add new categories, on a regular basis.